AudioMARkT is an automated, turn-key and fully integrated solution for audio advertising and background music for supermarkets, departament stores and almost any retail store.

AudioMARkT informs in-store Customers of products promotions and services available throughout the store.

•AudioMARkT is an audio advertisement system focused to the voice quality and clarity.

• Different advertising zones can be established throughout the store to provide customers with product promotions.

• Hi-fidelity speakers and state of the art audio system, resulting in low speaker volume with high clarity.

• Automatic volume adjustment by in-store sensors depending on in store noise, traffic and/or the time

•AudioMARkT let advertiser not just choose the message to send, also the store and the time.

• Pre-programmable date, time and duration of each advertisement.

• Real time store monitoring to asure the advertise broadcasting.

• Music selection can be tailored to match customer preferences. Music can be matched to store location and demographics.

AudioMARkT is a very important tool to activate the POS and strength the shopping experience to customers.

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To listen (*) a live demo of Audio-MARkT in supermarkt press the botton.

* Must have Windows Media Player nstalled.

More speakers closer to the customers helps AudioMARkT to use less volume.


Benefits for customers:

• Specific advertisements for products and services in the store provides more awareness for promotions during the shopping event.

• Help shoppers to “remember” certain needed items they did not have on their list.

• High quality audio system provides an aesthetically pleasing shopping experience.

• Perfect balance of time between Spots and Music.


Benefits for Advertisers:

• Increased sales for products advertised - “impulse purchases”.

• Completely auditable statements on a store-by-store basis that can be tied to product sales – validate marketing expenditures.

• Marketing control for audio advertisements – ensuring proper Company Image is maintained

• Low cost.

• Reminders of products and exact location in the sale floor.


Benefts for Stores:

• High quality audio system provides enhanced shopping experience for the Customer .

• Audio advertising increases the Customer's “impulse” purchases . Context sensitive Ads match desire and ability to purchase.

• Capability of establishing and promoting “daily specials” with in-store audio advertising.

• Generate additional store revenues from advertising commissions.


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